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Sticky Need a "trading coach"?
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Posted 1/14/2011 8:34 AM (#1321)
Subject: Need a "trading coach"?


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This is a common request - or at least is something that many folks new to trading would wish for.

However, it's sort of similar to saying "I need someone to help me take care of my yard", or "I need someone to help me to learn how to be a gourmet cook", or "I need someone to teach me how to be a great pianist."

There are people who do teach these skills, or (in the case of the yardwork) who will find out what you want done and do it for you. However, let's be realistic here - you don't expect to get that kind of help for free. And, not many people who are good gardeners or cooks or pianists have the time, interest, or skills to undertake that task with you.

Most traders are either busy with other jobs (and their families), or are (to some degree) "loners". Trading is pretty much a solitary profession, after all.

Some traders find one or two people of like mind, and work together with them as a team, either informally or as a small incorporation / partnership. Those folks usually have comparable &/or complimentary skillsets.

The only "free" extended, one on one training for Trading that I've encountered is when parents teach their children (or occasionally vice versa). Of course people do help people at no charge, in forums and clubs, but it's very rare for that to become an extended "apprenticeship" unless other more personal ties are involved. Or unless the coaching is paid-for.

I cannot count the number of times I've been asked to "coach" someone. Sometimes people do offer, up front, to pay for it. Sometimes people actually get miffed that a fee might be expected. For everyone who asks, please click here for my answer.

There may be some other folks out there who ARE willing to be "personal trading coaches" - and I would expect that if their coaching is both extended and useful, they will charge a fee. Or, ask you to marry their daughter ;->

If you are a person who is willing to become a personal coach to someone else, AND if you are a (paying) TradeTight Member, I invite you to reply to this thread with a one-post summary of what you are willing to do, and an approximation of your fees, and an email address for people to contact you. Only one post please. This forum is not intended for solicitation purposes.

If you are LOOKING FOR a coach, please do NOT post that request in this forum. We'd get floods of requests and I'd be worried that people might get "preyed upon".

The best general advice I can give you is that if you are not a fairly well-disciplined "self-starter", and willing to dig in and study, and experiment and fail, and LOSE some (significant) money in the process - then most likely active trading is not for you. No charge for that advice. ;-))
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