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Sticky Purpose & Scope of the Data Vendor Room
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Posted 8/11/2010 8:04 AM (#659)
Subject: Purpose & Scope of the Data Vendor Room


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First of all, please note that we have an entire SECTION (several Rooms) dedicated to discussions about the various Nirvana Data Feeds ... covering EOD, RT, Options, Scans, etc. So, please don't post in this room about Nirvana-sourced data ... instead, click here to jump to the right place.

This Room provides a place to pass on useful information about non-Nirvana data vendors. In particular, feeds that can be used with OT are in focus: Esignal, DTN-iQ, Telechart(Worden), other MetaStock-format feeds (paid or free).

If you find a source of data (and a GUI for it) that complements the Nirvana offerings, but goes beyond them, this is a good place to start a thread about it. For example, StockFinder Platinum (from Worden), offers a lot of HISTORICAL fundamentals that can be CHARTED and to which technical analysis-type formulae can be applied. That's well beyond what Nirvana offers (or is likely to). Info about sources like that are welcome here.

And, as always, please make your Thread-Subject Titles very focused and specific. Thanks!
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