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Sticky Table of Contents for the Forum
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Posted 6/3/2010 12:20 PM (#39)
Subject: Table of Contents for the Forum


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USA: GA, Lawrenceville
This is a "map" of the entire Forum, with 13 Sections and 125+ Rooms
... it will sometimes be a bit out of date, since the Forum is dynamic and we will be adding Rooms as new Video Topics begin, or new Special Projects get going. We might occasionally rearrange/rename existing Rooms or Sections. I'll update this periodically as needed.

Forum = the overall environment that holds everything else; all content is in several Sections
Section = preset groupings of Rooms with similar characteristics (twelve core sections, plus Special Projects)
Room = preset areas which are dedicated to a particular theme/topic, with unlimited discussion-Threads
Thread = ongoing discussion, created by Members, with unlimited Posts about an aspect of the Room's topic
Post = message from a Member about the Thread's subject, stacked in the Thread with most recent Post first
Member = a registered participant in the TradeTight Club who has signed the Club Agreements
Guest = a visitor to the forum, with limited access to content

Almost all Sections and Rooms are available to all TradeTight Members.

* TradeTight Video-Training Rooms are open to those who have purchased the Topics.
* TradeTight Techniques Rooms are only open to Charter, Regular, and Associate Members
* The Nirvana Club Section is only accessible by validated Nirvana Club members
* Access to Special-Project Rooms is determined by each project-group's wishes.

Please, when you start a new thread, carefully review the various Sections and Rooms, and put the thread in the best one. This will GREATLY ASSIST other members in finding useful information in the future. Thanks!

(Forum Table of Contents (Sep2011).png)

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