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Sticky Gaining Greater Access to the Forum
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Posted 7/31/2010 10:00 AM (#479)
Subject: Gaining Greater Access to the Forum


Posts: 3913
USA: GA, Lawrenceville
Hello, "Guest" :~))

Most of the TradeTight Forum is open for you to View Threads, and gain a continually growing amount of useful information about trading procedures and how to use the various products and services provided by Nirvana, more intelligently and effectively. However, a few of the Sections of the Forum are not accessible, except to see the Rooms in them. Also, since you're still a "stranger" to us, you aren't allowed to make posts, or download attachments.

Please note that the TradeTight has no business affiliation with Nirvana, and that Jim Dean (Forum Owner) is a simply a (very active :~) Nirvana customer, and is not paid by Nirvana. Nirvana has not officially endorsed our content or activities, but they are aware of them and have made no objections.

As a Guest, you are obliged to abide by a few simple rules - click here to view them.

We'd be pleased to have you join the Forum as a registered Participant, at no charge. If you register as a Participant, you will:

1. Be able to Post & View in the almost all of the Forum (maybe not in Sections with parentheses in their titles).
2. Post, and Download Attachments in the Threads that you are able to view (unregistered guests cannot do this).
3. Get Email Notification (four methods!) about new posts in Threads or Rooms that you have interest in.
4. Define your Profile, with a Private Email box for communications with other folks on the forum.

To become a Participant, you need to email me (hvacsage at yahoo dot com or JimDean at TradeTight dot org) with some contact information, which will be kept totally confidential. I will respond with my own contact info - fair is fair :~) ... and provide you with a UserID and Password. That's all it takes!

If you'd like to gain these benefits, please send me:
1. Your "preferred" first name, and "real" last name
2. Your "preferred" email address, and a second one if available
3. At least one working personal phone number (indicate if it's cell, home, or work - cell preferred)
4. Your (home-street) mailing address: Street, City, State and Country - ZIP is essential
#2 & #3 info and your street address are kept confidential - I'm sending you my own cell phone and location info in response - other registered users will be able to see #1 info, and your City/State/Country
5. Your 4-6 digit Nirvana Customer ID number (not your N forum "name", and not your N customer password) ... this is required for TT forum NClub-Section access, and necessary if you decide to (optionally) purchase anything from TradeTight

Nirvana Club members: we have a special Section that is restricted to NClub members, in which is reserved for discussions about NC-Confidential topics: Neural-Nets, Genetic-Algorithms, Consensus-Blocks, and other special stuff. Nirvana has given us permission to do this, as long as only NClub members can see the information. So, if you'd like to Participate in the Nirvana Club section of the TradeTight forum, verify to me that you are an NClub member. I reserve the right to forward your Customer ID along with your name and email address to Nirvana for confirmation.
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