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Home Page - User-Options & Structure
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Posted 7/3/2010 5:16 PM (#445)
Subject: Home Page - User-Options & Structure


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The snapshot below illustrates the full Home Page for the TradeTight Forum, with fifteen circled and annotated areas. (These explanations are left-right, top-down ... it's like a Glossary ... there's no intentional "flow" from one paragraph to another.)

"Search" and "New Threads" both open the Search box in different modes ... discussed in a different thread. "User Listing shows all Registered users, provides links to their Profiles, and some other useful statistics. (This list is accessible only to Registered users.)

"TradeTight Website" is a direct link to, where the Video-downloads and Admin-accounting are handled. "Calendar" shows upcoming events. "Quotes" shows the list from which the individual random samples are drawn (see item F).

The navigation-string is one of the most-used links. Clicking "Home Page" brings you back to this screen, as you last saw it (re expanded/collapsed Sections). As you "drill down" into a Room or Thread or Post, this expands to show each level. Click on any "higher" level to jump back to it.

"Unanswered Posts", "Active Threads", and "Today's Posts" open the Search box in different commonly-useful queries, to provide lists of recent activity so that you can find and jump directly to the Posts that interest you ... more detail is provided in another Thread.

"Logoff" (shows "Logon or Register" if not currently signed in) should normally not be used unless you are at a public terminal. "My Settings" opens a panel where you can revise your Profile, your Email-notifications, or change your password. "My Msgs" opens your Private Mail box.

A Bible verse related to the management and use of money, or the process of evaluating and setting goals, or dealing with control of emotions and responses to life-changes. Jim has found these truths to be extremely helpful for his trading (and his life) - contact privately to discuss.

The overall "map" of the Forum is very large ... 12 Sections and over a hundred Rooms ... when all Sections are expanded it takes a lot of vertical scrolling to see it all. One way to "focus" your attention is to click "(hide other sections)" ... all but the current Section will disappear.

Each Section has Rooms in it - the first Section, meant for Guests, is one of the smallest. The first two Rooms only have "locked" Threads - they are informational and cannot be replied-to by anyone. The Joining the Forum Room permits registered Participants to post Q's about TradeTight.

Each Room-row provides useful statistics which indicate the amount of content currently present in that Room, and shows the Subject, Date and Author of the Thread that had the most recent Post made to it. Click to on the Subject to jump to that Post, or on the Author to see their Profile.

Boxed Plus/Minus icons are on the far left of each Section-bar. Press the Plus-icon to expand that Section and show all of its Rooms - it changes to a Minus-icon in that mode. Press the Minus-icon to collapse the Section back to a single bar, thus reclaiming space on the screen.

Two Sections near the top have limited-access. Only TradeTight Members can view or post to the Threads in "TradeTight Techniques (confidential)". View and posting to Threads in Rooms of "TradeTight Video Topics (for-a-fee)" is limited to those who have paid for the Topic (one per Room).

The "TradeTight News & Club Q/A" Room in the General Discussion Section is where announcements about Forum use and Club activities are made. It's the place for Club Members to post questions and suggestions. Registered non-Members can view Rooms like this, but not post in them.

The "OmniTrader HowTo's" Section is the largest of all in the Forum ... 20 carefully-categorized Rooms covering all aspects of OT use, for the Base and Pro packages. This is the place to go to learn or share about the mechanics of OT. The next section "OLang, OScript & OPilot" is devoted to discussion about how to create custom indicators, stops, systems, filters, transforms, etc.

The two Sections "OT ToolBox Modules" and "OT/VT Strategy Plug-Ins" cover ALL of the non-subscription addons that Nirvana offers for the OT &/or VT engines. Here is where in-depth (non-confidential) discussions about these optional tools is found. (Other Sections cover VT and Data.)

The last two Sections have entrance-restrictions. Users that are enrolled in Groups related to Rooms in these Sections can view and post to those Threads. Others can only view the Room titles. Contact Jim Dean ( if you're interested. No fees are involved.

(Full-View, 2 Sec's Open - with notes, sized.png)

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