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Discounts for Stradicator Early Buy-In
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Posted 5/15/2019 12:04 PM (#9610)
Subject: Discounts for Stradicator Early Buy-In


Posts: 3888
USA: GA, Lawrenceville
All of you should have by now received two emails with info about this ... extracts from those email are at the end of this post. Also, after the session completed, I updated this a bit ... we used Microsoft Teams instead of Skype ... it went well, and I'll use Teams in the future (it's free).

Several have already responded, and I am scheduling the by-invitation Teams session to give you a visual/audio overview of the new "paradigm", with working OT views of the current-state versions of the five planned-to-be-full "Stradicators". I'll be talking through the main unique/cool features that are mentioned below ... and doing Q/A of course.

This is *primarily* intended for those who *might* be interested in "buying in" by May 17th, to take advantage of 10%-50% discounts on the upcoming Stradicators. Those who buy-in at some level will also be eligible, but not required, to be on the "beta-development" team ... giving feedback, suggestions, and evaluations as the code is modified along the way to final release.

The Teams session is re-scheduled for 9:00 am, Eastern Standard, Wednesday May 22nd.

It's not a webinar, so you will need to email me in advance to give me your Microsoft Teams ID and let me know to add you to the call. Depending on interest level, it might turn out to be a long call (I hope to record it) ... but try to join in if you can. Please make sure you know how to use Teams ahead of time (and please use headphones to prevent feedback/crosstalk).

Finally ... my earlier email re discount opportunities had a table that was a little confusing ... here is a clearer version of it. There is a lot of stuff coming out during the next 6-9 months ... total price for the fanciest versions and lifetime subscriptions could be over $10K (though there will be simple versions as well ;~) Any buy-in deposits that you provide now are "in nonrefundable escrow", but you can use them for whatever TradeTight tools you want, or even for custom programming ... at the published discounts.

10% off for >= $500 deposit ... that is, the $500 will cover $556 worth of tools/services
20% off for >= $1000 deposit ... that is, the $1000 will cover $1250 worth of tools/services
30% off for >= $1500 deposit ... that is, the $1500 will cover $2143 worth of tools/services
40% off for >= $2500 deposit ... that is, the $2500 will cover $4167 worth of tools/services
50% off for >= $3500 deposit ... that is, the $3500 will cover $7000 worth of tools/services

The deadline for this is May 25th ... however, if you want to make a particularly large buy-in, and would like get started now, but add to it via "spread out" the deposits, we can likely set that up.

========== (extracts from second of two prior descriptive emails) ============

There are five Stradicators (full strategies within an Indicator) planned in this supercycle project, plus one or more useful Filters. The Teams session will be an overview only (way too much to cover all at once) ... but I'll be happy to field simple Questions during the Teams session, or email written responses to participants, if the session is running too long.

While on the Teams call, in addition to previews of Input and Output for each routine, I'll explain the extremely powerful new paradigms that these Stradicators all will offer:
* Strat-perf-based OmniScan Focus-List Symbol-selection (many Equity-Stat options)
* Equity-Curve signal-filtering by Symbol (skips trades when poor strat-P/L for symbol)
* Dynamic scaling-in & scaling-out of trades (wide mix of patterns, all mechanical)
These capabilities can dramatically improve strategy profitability, without having used ANY "curve fitting" during development ... so the results will be consistent and robust in the future, for whatever symbols or timeframes you might want to trade. It's impossible to "duplicate" these benefits in OT/VT, unless you use the groundbreaking TradeTight "Stradicator" approach.

If you would like to join in the Teams meeting, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP so that I can put you on the list.

Thanks again for being a TradeTight participant! And remember ... even if you don't want to join the Teams session or "buy-in" early for a 10-50% discount, PLEASE EMAIL me (JimDean at TradeTight dot org) if you are likely to be interested in purchasing some of these routines once they are released.

======== (text from first of two prior descriptive emails) ========

This is the first time I've offered an opportunity like this, since I started TradeTight over a decade ago. So, please consider it carefully ... and if you're not interested, please understand that you won't be getting repeated offers like this.

I previously posted a comprehensive list of some MAJOR TradeTight software-releases which are planned for this year. Most all of them will be complete mechanical Strategies, plus a few Filters. They will all be based on a "Stradicator" paradigm that I've been steadily working towards over the past 5-6 years ... that is, they will have similar sets of features and controls (making them easy to learn and use) ... but will be based on very different trading-concepts (ie non-collinear). Refer to those posts for more info:
(your current ID and PW are indicated at the end of this email, if you've forgotten them ;~)

You have an OPPORTUNITY at this point, to "buy in" to these upcoming releases, at a MAJOR discount. That is, funds that you provide by May 15th will be "escrowed" towards those planned upcoming releases. When each routine is released (and described), you can apply those funds towards the purchase, with a significant price-break. You can opt to use the funds towards any or all of those routines.

The new strategies will be INCREDIBLY robust, in comparison to nearly all the plugins that Nirvana has offered in the past. They will include powerful, profitable unique-to-TradeTight capabilities (described in the posts), including:
* Strat-perf-based OmniScan Focus-List Symbol-selection (many Equity-Stat options)
* Equity-Curve signal-filtering by Symbol (skips trades when poor strat-P/L for symbol)
* Dynamic scaling-in & scaling-out of trades (wide mix of patterns, all mechanical)
* "Guru" and "Expert" qualitative inputs that provide both simplicity and power
... and much more ...

Alternatively, some of you might want to get some custom-programming done, outside of the planned development-scope. Funds provided now will get the same listed discounts towards my standard hourly-rate coding work (scheduling to be determined).

WHY am I offering this? Simple ... just like Nirvana, sometimes a project is massive enough that I need up-front "venture capital" funding to "pay the bills" during development. The schedule that I'd anticipated (see the posts) has lagged a bit, mainly due to nifty refinements that I've added to the paradigm as I've been working on it. So, if you'd like to *help me out* a bit, and *get big savings* along the way, here's your opportunity!

ALSO ... if you do "buy in", then you'll be eligible to participate *during* the development process, in a dedicated Room of the forum. You'll hear about things as they're progressing, and be given many chances to *influence* the design. You'll have the opportunity to Beta-test, if you'd like.

Thanks for your interest and support! I hope you're as excited as I am about this!

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Posted 5/26/2019 3:04 PM (#9637 - in reply to #9610)
Subject: Discounts for Stradicator Early Buy-In


Posts: 3888
USA: GA, Lawrenceville
OOPS! I goofed. I used greater than and less than signs like arrows around the main answer #’s to highlight them, but forgot that email engines treat that as html formatting commands. So, the email that many of you got this morning was missing a huge chunk - about half - of the overall content. If you just read it from the email and didn’t go to the forum post itself, then please re-read this one, focusing on points **1.** and **2.** which were missing from the first attempt. Sorry to bother you repeatedly about this!

OKAY! We had a very successful (and long) Teams meeting last Wednesday ... thanks, all of you who were able to join in. Also, a decent number of those folks decided to "Buy-In" for the discounts ... most of them arranged for the highest 50% tier. Congratulations!
NOTE: this is a LONG post ... I'm trying to include info that I've already been asked about a few times. Please keep in mind that the videos have a huge amount of info ... much more than could be written out ...


It's taken around 35 hours to edit and polish the 3-4 hour recording from our session. I'm pleased with the result. I was able to chop out about a quarter of it ... but all the rest seemed valuable to me. I've split it up into three parts (plus a big all-in-one vid) ... you definitely should watch them "in order", to make sure you have the context / background to understand things.

1. Stradicator Paradigm ... 70min ... BY FAR the most important ... many exciting features!

2. First-Five Stradicators ... 65 min ... illustrates #1 via CVW, w/quick review of other four

3. Strad Q/A & Special Topics ... 35min ... diverse Q's; Special= Options & Robust TP features

** All-In-One ** ... 170min ... simply those three all tacked together


Although I tried hard to arrange the session time for the max# people, some were unable to attend. HOWEVER, I'd forgotten that this is Memorial Day weekend, which likely put a wrench in the works for some who might have been interested.

Thus, this post, with all the video links. PLEASE read the extensive info in the prior link also.

And, I decided to EXTEND the offer until midnight Friday May 31st. Those who responded earlier got somewhat of a better deal (lower $thresholds) than the extended-offer provides, but it's still possible to get to the 50% discount level that nearly everyone who already "bought-in" decided to commit to.

After Friday, I'll *never* be offering discounts for these again ... when each Strad is released, it will *not* have a limited time discount or anything. So, if you missed the first cut, here's a final chance! I don't plan any further mass-emails on this subject, either.

The new discount-schedule is:

10% off for >= $500 deposit ... that is, the $500 will cover $556 worth of tools/services
20% off for >= $1500 deposit ... that is, the $1500 will cover $1875 worth of tools/services
30% off for >= $2500 deposit ... that is, the $2500 will cover $3571 worth of tools/services
40% off for >= $3500 deposit ... that is, the $3500 will cover $5833 worth of tools/services
50% off for >= $4500 deposit ... that is, the $4500 will cover $9000 worth of tools/services

The most common questions that I've fielded have been:
1. what will it cost if I buy everything ... all five initial Stradicators, lifetime subscriptions for return values, plus the incredible "Robust TP" that automates the dynamic scaling?
2. When do you expect to release them?
3. What should I do if I end up liking 2-3 of them, but I don't know yet which they will be?

===== Answers =====

**1.** Of course, it's premature for me to set definitive List prices for these, but i can give you a "ballpark" to think about. First, though, I need to lay the groundwork re choices you'll have ...

*** Each Strad DLL engine will be available with 2-4 Input/Output versions ... all versions will have the same engine and give the same answers, but the "Easy" version will have fewer inputs than "Xprt", which will have half the slider-range of "Powr", and to get the full-bore ability to manually input ultra-detailed control, "Cstm" is the ticket. Prices: Easy < Xprt < Powr < Cstm
*** Each Strad DLL will work forever on its own, in "Chart" mode, with no additional purchase. You'll see all the Signals and position sizes (historically and at the HRE), with popup-boxes that tell you precisely what to do when a signal of some sort (Toe, Confirm, or Full Entry; mid-trade Add-On or Partial-Exit; or final Full-Exit) ... it will tell you what Size% to use in the Order, what Order Type to use, and WHY the signal appeared (many possible rules can trigger these). If the trade is already in-play, the popup will also report something about it's current status (size, duration, profit).
*** If you want to use the DLL's many Return outputs (Signals, Equity Stats, etc) in a Focus List or in an OmniScan ... or as part of an OT Strategy (or anywhere else via a function-call), then you'll need to Subscribe to activate "Return Values". You'll have an option to do this a few months at a time, or buy-in all at once for a "Lifetime" subscription.
*** The key to AUTOMATING the Stradicator is using a special TradePlan that's designed to act precisely and correctly to the Signals as they arise (see list above). Nirvana's "native" TP tools can be adapted (with some difficulty) to support Entry options (Full or Toe+Confirm), and of course Full Exits. When you subscribe to Return Values, it will come with a "SmartSimple TP" (prob will have a better name), which supports those Entry options, and Full Exits. Also, it will include "SmartSizing", which if activated will tweak the Entry sizes by +10/0/-10 percent, based on each symbol's ratio of Price to Volatility. I've given sessions and written extensively about this for over ten years ... it's entry-level common sense money-management that will help in virtually any situation to apportion your capital in a balanced way compared to the live-risk being taken. The SmartSimple TP will have approximately 50 Steps and 80 Conditions. That may seem to be a lot ... but, read on ...
*** It's currently *impossible* for a native, unassisted TradePlan to process dynamic Partial-Exits &/or Add-Ons during the unpredictable course of a trade. I've solved this (for the "RobustScaling TP" ... gotta get a better name for it) by creating a special Condition-engine that "tracks and controls" the progress of the TP, from the outside. The result is a huge, but hugely powerful and flexible, generic TP that can be used with any Stradicator ... it has hundreds of Steps and thousands of Conditions ... but it comes to you ready-to-go, and works with any Stradicator. This Robust TP has taken a huge amount of research and development ... nearly half a year ... so it is an extra-cost option. My plan is to make it available by subscription only, but the subscription will be less expensive per month, for long commitments.
*** Finally, since a lot of discussion happened during and after the Session about this ... the SmartSimple TP will be readily adaptable by users, to support Options trades. There's extensive discussion about that in the second half of the third Session video. And ... there will be three versions of both TP's for different trading styles: MoO ordrers, MoC orders, and Mkt orders (primarily for Intraday). And yes ... this meshes well with AutoTrade.

So, ballpark best-guess pricing requires that you understand the general pricing structure, which takes some telling ... and likely looks something like this

*** Any one of the Stradicators, purchased in its "Powr" or "Cstm" version (in this scenario, the Strad DLL itself has a lifetime license), with say a two-year Return-+SmartSimple TP subscription, will probably be $2000-$2500. Simpler versions "Easy" or "Xprt", with say a 6-month subscription, may be $1000-$1500. My experience has been, with MTV, that the vast majority of the buyers opted for the most-powerful version ... and most of them also bought a Lifetime subscription (probably not offered for Strad's, but I will likely have a discounted 3-year offer). So, for planning purposes, I'd suggest using an estimate of $2000/Strad.
*** Please note that each Strad is a more powerful, more flexible, and more stable/robust complete-strategy tool than *anything* you've seen offered by me or by N in the past. Read about the reasons in this and the prior post, and watch the vid's, and I'm sure you will agree on that assessment
*** Once it's released (see sched below), the Robust TP will work with *all* Strad's (these five and future ones also). Since it will have over six full months of work behind it, and since it's uniquely able to do what it does, I've decided to only offer it on a rental basis (I'd be embarrassed, and you'd laugh, if I offered a Lifetime option for it). Subscriptions will generally be cheaper/month if you lock in more months. There will likely be a fairly high cost for just one month, a bit less for 3 months, maybe a further reduction for 6 months, but the "target" baseline sweet-spot will be geared around one year at a time. You'll be able to KNOW ahead of time, via the Strad's built-in and incredibly advanced Equity analysis and controls, whether or not the extra ability to use mid-trade Partial Exits and/or Add-Ons provides sufficient increased profit potential to warrant getting the Robust TP. Also, remember that a SINGLE Robust TP will work with any/all Strads with active Return values ... if you want to trade some with MoC, some with MoO, and some with Mkt-Orders, then there will be maybe a 33%-surcharge for any additional one order-types. So, having said all that, my guess is that the middle-of-the-road-annual rental rate for the Robust TP will be somewhere between $1000-$2000/year. (I'll also offer 2-yr and 3-yr options which will be less expensive per month).
*** When you put all that together - that is, buying "the whole kit and caboodle" (as I've been asked several times) , the likely total price will be somewhere in the range of $11k-$15k. That's why the Early-Buy-In 50% discount requires a fairly high $commitment ... $4500 deposit with discount is good for $9k of tools ... ie not all of them. FWIW, there has been one person who committed $7000, and for him (or any others who are interested), I agreed to lock in a $14k not-to-exceed price, for the "whole kit and kaboodle" (including one year for any-two-of-three-order-types Robust TP rental). If the list price total is less than $14k, then of course the lower price will be honored ... but if total-list is higher, there will be no additional funds required.

**2.** The release schedule is, by the very nature of software development, a best-guess approximation. A lot depends on how many take advantage of this Early Buy-In, to provide funding as I convert the five existing tools into standard full-featured-paradigm Stradicators ... if the funding is inadequate, then I may need to take some custom-programming work during the process. But my *hope* is to get adequate up-front funding to allow me to focus *solely* on this work and defer any custom-individual request till after it's done. So, having said that ...

*** CVW (Cumulative Volume Waves) will be the first-released Stradicator. It's "nearly complete", after several long months of work ... but I need to be very deliberate and structured about how I do it, since a big chunk of its code will become the "Stradicator-paradigm framework" for all Strad's that follow. Also, I need to allow time to test it with the SmartSimple TP, and do some other up-front work that once complete, will apply to all later Strad's. My best-guess is that it will be released at the end of June ... plus or minus a couple of weeks.

Next, a brief 2-week sidetrack, to update and upgrade MTV, which has been delayed by CVW ... MTV upgrades will support Zach's, offer superior Hull-MA calc's, and include an innovative all-in-one Market state (combining Trend and Volatility in a single number). You can see that new value, plotted as a white-variant line, in the second video of the series, since PVM will have much of the MTV logic at its core (but designed for trading rather than just filtering).

*** After that, I'm estimating 4-6 weeks per additional Stradicator, which will combine the already-functional ADB, HAT, MMD, PVM core that already exists into the Strad I/O paradigm. I'll complete one before moving on to the next. They will use the same TradePlans as CVW.
*** Once all five Strad's are released, I'll finish up the "gruntwork" and testing for the DynamicRobust big-momma TP. By then, there will have been plenty of people who've had time to use their Stradicator(s), and see via the "manual mechanical" trading mode (using plotted/FL signals), just how much PXits and Adds can benefit them ... so when the Robust TP is released, the decision whether or not to subscribe to it will be very easy.
*** Each tool will have integrated pop-up Help (simpler than MTV, but similar). The Help info will be easy to access, and will be sufficient to "remind" you of the definitions and nuances involved with the inputs and outputs. Currently, my plan is to provide in-depth Training Videos for each Stradicator, using a similar format as the ones with links posted above, but specific to each. And I'll have a forum-Room for each to handle Q/A. I'd like to avoid having to take the *large* amount of time to create comprehensive manuals, at least for now, since that would slow down progress

So ... the "hoped-for-best-guess" release schedule will look something like this:
June 30 ... CVW release with Simple TP and videos
July 15 ... MTV 2019 update and optional-cost upgrade
Aug 22 ... 2nd Strad (likely HAT but maybe PMV) release
Sep 30 ... 3rd Strad (likely ADB but maybe HAT) release
Nov 7 ... 4th Strad (likely MMD but maybe PMV) release
Dec 15 ... 5th Strad (likely PMV, or whatever is left) release
Jan 31 ... DynamicRobust TP release.
After that, there are *many* more options, including Options :~)

Notes: if I run into trouble with a given Strad, either due to uncertainty about internal logic rules, or due to unexpectedly poor performance, then I will table it and move on to the next, to try to keep on-schedule. If, in the unlikely event that one of the planned Strad's just doesn't pan out well, I'll drop it and substitute another one (I've got *lots* of ideas, and past code to draw from). I will *not* release anything unless i'm satisfied it does a good job, at least from my perspective ... and it must be totally bug free (as best I can tell).

**3.** If you immediately jumped to this answer without reading the prior two, please go back and read those answers first ... otherwise this answer might be confusing. Here's the scenario ... after reading all this and watching the vid's, you are pretty durn sure that you will want to own 2-3 Strad's, &/or possibly utilize the Robust TP. But of course it's unreasonable to expect anyone to decide ahead of time *which* Strad(s) they will want, or whether the dynamic Robust TP will be useful to them ... for that matter, after seeing the final products, they may only decide on buying just one rather than 2-3. The question is: presuming that I want to maximize the available discount, but not overcommit or regret anything later, how much should I "ante up" now?

*** Lets start with simple math: 2 Strad's plus a year of Robust TP for a couple of Order types, or 3 Strad's without the Robust TP (ie using the SmartSimple TP without PXit|Adds) ... both routes come to about $2000 x 3 = $6000 based on the guesstimated pricing above. The $3500 buy-in with a 40% discount pays for $5833 of that. "Close enough for gov'mt work". If the estimated costs are a bit low, and the total for the 3 is say $6200, then you'll only need to pay an additional $700 of undiscounted money) ... ie total paid would be $4200 in that example, showing a very respectable overall savings of $2000 ... 32% off list. Of course this is just an example of how to think it through.
*** However, let's say you bought-in with the $3500 as described above, but once the tools actually are release, maybe you decide for now to purchase less than you'd expected. What happens to the "extra" money? Suppose that what you actually purchase has a list-price of $2000. That leaves $5833-2000 = $3833 of "pre-discounted TradeTight-funds" for you to use on ANYTHING YOU PLEASE, any time in the future. It's not refundable (venture capital, remember?), but the discount percentage is locked in regardless on what you decide to use it on. Maybe other tools (like MTV), maybe Custom Programming hourly charges, or maybe use it to RENT some or all of the other tools.
*** A couple of early-buy-in people were very interested in the "RENT" option. It's very reasonable imho to want to try out the tool a bit before fully committing to it. I've already mentioned that the Robust TP will be *only* be for-rent, with a sliding-scale making it cheaper to lock in longer periods. I'll offer something similar for the actual Stradicator DLL's as well. That is, instead of buying the DLL, you can opt to rent it for some time-period, and it will automatically come with activated licenses for *all* the versions (Easy,Xprt,Powr,Cstm) so that you can use whichever you want, maybe Easy for some things, Powr for others, etc. That is, you'll be able to try out all of them, and use any of them, for one standard rental fee. Most likely, I'll have a One-Month rental available *only* for the first month ... after that, you'll choose between 3-mo, 6-mo, 1-yr, 2-yr or 3-yr. The per-month cost for the 3-mo will be much higher than for the 3-yr option. This is largely due to a combo of the Admin "hassle" of maintaining the subscriptions, and the expected need for hand-holding (typically via Forum Q/A) that's normally concentrated at the very beginning.
*** So, how do you decide which 2-3 of the Strad's to *buy* with your $5833 of TradeTight-money? I suggest that when each new Strad is released, you *rent* it for either one or three months (releases are aprox a 4-6 wks apart), and focus on testing it during that time. If you're SURE you like it, then buy it. If you're not sure, then don't renew the subscription, and subscribe to the next-released Strad and do the rental-thing again. By the time all five are released, I think it's VERY likely you'll have found 2-3 to your liking. NOTE that two of them have been actively and profitably traded for 2-3 years, in their "core" form without any of the wowza Strad features. The TradeTight-money can of course be used for Rentals instead of Purchase, or in any combo.


Whew! I knew that was gonna be long when I started, because it's taken me a long time to discuss it on the phone with folks, over and over, in the past week. PLEASE read ALL of it carefully ... if you're interested, but have some other Q's, then email about them.

And, as always ... thanks for your interest and support!
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Posted 5/27/2019 11:35 AM (#9638 - in reply to #9637)
Subject: Discounts for Stradicator Early Buy-In


Posts: 3888
USA: GA, Lawrenceville
Just today, I received an email from a longtime friend/client in response to some of the points I expressed in the videos. It highlights a key concern which I discuss somewhat in the videos. Here is what he said, with his name and a brief comment about another trader redacted:

I was watching your new video regarding your current project and came across your comments on equity curves. I want to thank you for saying what I have questioned and could get only a faint response regarding equity curve plots in Port Sim. ... No one to date has even said that they are doing what the equity curve suggests by percentage or gross profit (I know traders are generally tight lipped about their successes). Anyway it was good to hear a cautionary word about unrealistic expectations attached to equity curve advertising. Wishing you prosperity even as your soul prospers.

I’m very glad to hear I’m not alone in this observation re equity curves used for marketing. Here is an edited/expanded version of my response to him …

I need to talk about that topic on “tippy-toes” so as to avoid offending others. To me, the fact that industry-wide typical advertising-brochure backtest-curves apparently have not held up since original publication, in anywhere close to the implied rate of return - that just speaks for itself. But, why?
I believe that Nirvana, *unlike* many other vendors, are *not* deliberately falsifying information. They are honest and brilliant folks of integrity, who I greatly respect, admire, and “root for”. I try to help them in whatever ways that I can.
However it has happened, though, I just can’t avoid the conclusion that the *process* of development being used is in some way creating tools that produce results which are based on inadvertent but very real curve fitting. The “proof” is in the failure of the curves to hold up over time.
This is of course just my opinion. But it’s had a huge influence on my decision-making and development process.

I am a “tee-totaller” when it comes to using SW or other statistical tests *during* development - the videos explain the process I go through, which is designed to focus on the nuts and bolts, and totally “abstains” from using equity stats to influence the design.
The downside of this approach can be that I don’t really know the potential of a strategy until programming is complete - but since the code is built on math, logic and psych principles, I see no reason why it would not continue to operate, on the whole, as well in the future as it may have in the past. Occasionally, after seeing how it pans out, I just have to grit my teeth and junk it. Fortunately, over the years I’ve gained some useful insights, so “junking it” is rare for me, nowadays. But it was a long hard road.

Imho, the *essential* concept and tool for *assuring* that kind of robust performance over time, is to turn the “optimization” process on its head. That is, rather than tuning a strat (during or after development) to “profitably fit” a given set of symbols, it’s more sensible to use an *un-tuned* strat to *seek out* a friendly focus list of symbols, which can change every day or week, whose recent price action meshes well with the strat. There are plenty of symbols out there - and although their personality may change over time, I believe that those changes usually are gradual (or transitory), for most industries anyways.

That upside-down approach is probably the main reason that I came up with the Stradicator paradigm.

The second huge benefit that drove me to create Stradicators is that since the Strad knows everything about the entry, exit and intra-trade adjustments for current and all past trades (including potentially-varying position size) on a given Symbol, it can track and analyze the equity curve for that symbol as time progresses. This means that if the “recent past” personality Scan (which put the symbol in the FL) looked good, but if some symbols that “passed” that “stats-based” lookback-filter have *very* recently changed personality, the Strad’s internal Equity curve voting mechanism can “cut off” the trade early - or block it from starting at all, until any transitory “unfriendly” price action dissipates. This is only possible using the all-in-one Stradicator paradigm.

In fact (and I just now realized this), that same equity-curve filtering “status” can, should and WILL be part of the recommended OScan Rule-set.

And of course I was quite encouraged to finally have “cracked” the mystery of how to get a Trade Plan to deal with dynamic PXit|Add adjustments to position size during the trade. That’s a huge part of the “paradigm” that imho will revolutionize Trend trading.

Thanks for listening. Obviously I’m convinced and excited about this. I hope you are, too!
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