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Help with Syncing Tradeplan & Portfolio
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Posted 12/4/2015 8:08 PM (#6584)
Subject: Help with Syncing Tradeplan & Portfolio


Posts: 212
USA: TX, Mansfield
I am (finally) trying to learn more about and use Trade Plans.

I want to have OT/VT track my “real” trades as if I had placed them in OT/VT. Obviously, this allows me to take advantage of all the stops, portfolio, etc.

So, I put on a trade yesterday, Thursday, Dec 3rd, in IFF. Fill price is 120.07. I was not able to put the trade in OT/VT until today. I used the Broker-Default trade plan. Then I went into the portfolio and edited the position to display the correct information—and it does. The problem is that the portfolio does not seem to use the information to compute P/L (the position is green, but VT portfolio is showing it as red and the trade plan on the screen does not sync with the portfolio.

Is there a way to get the trade plan to reflect the correct order information (day, price, etc.)?




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Posted 12/4/2015 9:52 PM (#6585 - in reply to #6584)
Subject: Help with Syncing Tradeplan & Portfolio


Posts: 3888
USA: GA, Lawrenceville
The portfolio snapshot seems incorrect - not sure what commissions are but that's probably not the reason. You need to tell Barry about that - it may be fixable.

The trade Plan itself is just that - a Plan - it's not a historical record of what actually happened, but rather a set of rules that dictate what is Supposed to happen. It's fairly common when trading intraday, and not too rare if trading low volume stocks daily, for the TP rules to create entry/exit fill prices &/or times that don't match the broker. That's inherent in simulation vs real life and can't be corrected.

If your TP currently is "set" to enter on Close but you typically place your orders after the close, then you can change the TP rules to use a market or MOO order. But that's a rule-change, not tweaking just a single trade.

The manual adjustment of the Portfolio table is not something I've fiddled with - I do that on a separate spreadsheet. I've also not heard N discussing that "trick". So, maybe there is a bug somewhere.
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