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Bash 2014 Sat Afternoon Seminar
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Posted 5/28/2014 11:22 AM (#5884)
Subject: Bash 2014 Sat Afternoon Seminar


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USA: GA, Lawrenceville
Everyone is invited to join us from ~1p to ~5:30p Saturday afternoon at the "2014 Bash" Marriott hotel for a FREE TradeTight seminar. The AUSTIN ROOM has been reserved (same one as last two years). Please email me (Jim Dean) if you think you can make it (, so that make sure to have enough seats.

THE TOPICS OF THE MEETING - and *giveaways* to attendees:

1. Finish up the Position Sizing discussion that we started last year ... I'll present you with the OmniScript-driven position sizing formula that I sent to Ed for OmniVest use, and which he said he'd implement (eventually). I'll also present an OLang Indicator that does the same thing inside OT, which can be used as the basis for a Focus List column that TELLS YOU HOW MANY SHARES to trade for whatever symbol you are looking at, based on the SmartSizing rules I've been explaining, using and enhancing for many years.

2. A very powerful outgrowth of the Position Sizing methodology is the LiquiTurns filter, which can be used in OT (Scans or Filter Blocks) and OVest (Conditions or Dynamic Lists). This is much "safer" than conventional arbitrary Volume or Cashflow rules, since it accounts for all the key factors that matter to you in your trading. I present OmniScripts that can be used in OT and in OVest ... there is one significant difference between them that you'll learn about.

3. I'll present the concepts behind the Nine Market States ("simplified") which I've recently posted about, and provide WORKING OScript formulae that can be used in OVest, OScan, etc. This will involve presentations about alternative sets of Moving Average periods and calc types, as well as demonstrations about the effects of using FuzzFac and/or Boolean-Math Voting, both of which are discussed in the writeup here:

I will give free personal-use-only copies software to attendees of the relevant portions of the session::
1. OScript formula and its OLang counterpart for SmartSize Position Sizing
2. OScript formulae for LiquiTurns filtering - two versions one for OmniScan another for OVest DynLists
3. OScript formulae for Market States filters, useful for OScan, or as OVest conditions, or for OVest DynLists

PLEASE email me if you are going to come. Let me know if you're likely to be a bit late (that's fine, but I need a headcount - the last few years it's gotten bigger each year, and we've had to change to a larger room twice now.

I look forward to seeing you there!
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